EUs energimarked virker ikke

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EUs energimarked virker ikke

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Det at EUs energimarked ikke fungerer er jo enhver med litt omløp i toppetasjen har innsett. Dette begynner også å synke inn hos eurokratene i Brüssel, og nå innrømmer til og med EU kommisjonens president Ursula von der Leyen at EUs energimarked ikke fungerer.

"Until now, the European Commission resisted those calls, pointing to an ongoing review of wholesale electricity markets by EU energy regulators. Their report, submitted on 29 April, concluded that markets were working as intended and that “the current electricity market design is not to blame for the current crisis”.

But on Tuesday, Ursula von der Leyen appeared to contradict those conclusions.

“This market system does not work anymore. We have to reform it. We have to adapt it to the new realities of dominant renewables,” the Commission President told Members of the European Parliament in Strasbourg.

“This is the task that the Commission has taken over now. This is not trivial, this is a huge reform. It will take time, it has to be well thought through. But we must step forward to adapt our electricity market to the modern conditions.”


Von der Leyen bommer imidlertid på løsningen, den kommer igjennom en reform. Den kommer igjennom en avvikling av spotprismarkedet og at styringen overlates til nasjonalstatene.
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